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Tales from the Transit Line

Curse from the Evening Commute:

To the young, able-bodied man who snuck his way into the last seat on the train and then promptly stared at his phone, while a pregnant woman stood in front of him – may you trip upon disembarking, on your undone shoelace, sending your iPhone 6 Plus sailing into the air, landing squarely on the track, where it is then promptly run over by the next train – your iPhone, that is . . .

Tales from the Transit Line

Report from the Evening Commute:

Researchers have discovered a new way to tell if a woman is pregnant, according to two Translink commuters.

“How did you know,” asked the first expert, surprised by the news that a mutual friend was expecting.

“I know she has a personal trainer,” replied her conspiratorial colleague, “so when I saw she was gaining weight, I just knew.”