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Tales from the Transit Line

Blessing from the Morning Commute:

May you never have a runny [not stuffy, please note the distinction] nose on a SkyTrain or bus that reeks of body odor.


Tales from the Transit Line

Report from the Evening Commute:

Top 5 things our on-scene reporter Kelle Shaunna hates about commuting via public transit [today]:

5) When fellow commuters stake out a spot by the door, blocking others from getting on or off the train/bus.

4) Delays due to mechanical [any] issues.

3) Getting stuck on the non-moving side of the escalator [if you don’t know what this means, count your blessings].

2) When fellow commuters start to make their way to the door through a crowded train car/bus, well ahead of their stop.

1) When the station smells like sh*t.

Tales from the Transit Line

Eyewitness News from the Evening Commute:

A man gets on the bus at East Hastings and Main. He’s carrying a large black, lumpy garbage bag that clearly does not contain empty cans or bottles.

He is obviously in a hurry as he mutters “Don’t stop, don’t stop,” to the bus driver when he approaches yellow lights.

At one point, the man with the bag pulls out an orange spray bottle and sprays an odorless substance on his shoes.

His nails are black and appear as though he’s been digging in the dirt with his bare hands.

His head is shaven, but not cleanly.

He gets off the bus at Hastings and Cassiar, near the highway.

Tales from the Transit Line

Report from the Morning Commute:

Vancouver commuters are still reeling from the threat of a natural disaster today, after a 7.7 magnitude earthquake hit the West Coast off the Haida Gwaii islands on Saturday night.

“Do you think a tsunami could hit SFU [Simon Fraser University],” a young man asked his friend at a mountain-top university bus stop early Monday.

His friend shrugged.

“Well, there are bears here,” the first young man added.

In unrelated news, in case anyone missed this news flash 20 years ago, we are repeating it here, today, as a public service announcement: Wearing half a bottle of CK One is no longer fashionable.

On a related note, brushing your teeth is.