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Tales from the Transit Line

Report from the Evening Commute:

Top 5 things our on-scene reporter Kelle Shaunna hates about commuting via public transit [today]:

5) When fellow commuters stake out a spot by the door, blocking others from getting on or off the train/bus.

4) Delays due to mechanical [any] issues.

3) Getting stuck on the non-moving side of the escalator [if you don’t know what this means, count your blessings].

2) When fellow commuters start to make their way to the door through a crowded train car/bus, well ahead of their stop.

1) When the station smells like sh*t.

Tales from the Transit Line

Report from the Morning Commute:

Special Feature: SkyTrain Etiquette

“There is none.”

With files from Kelle “Get the fu*k out of my way” Shaunna