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Tales from the Transit Line

Deep Thoughts from the Morning Commute:

Taxi drivers are like hair dressers.

You hire them to do a very specific job, but then they start asking you how you want them to do that job, and you’re all: ‘I don’t know man, you’re the expert, figure it out.’

Postscript: My driver’s bad breath mixed with his – yes his – perfume – yes perfume – is making me car sick.


Tales from the Transit Line

Fashion File from the Morning Commute:

Although the rain clouds are hiding the sun and it’s wet, commuters are shedding their drab winter wardrobes for more sexy spring attire.

Just as fitting for wearing in the morning, though, the jean jacket with the mantra: “Drink coffee and destroy” ironed on the back, paired with mismatched socks, one of which is inside out, screams 2014 urban rebel – rain or shine.