Oct. 25, 2012 – Report from the Morning Commute

Posted: May 21, 2013 in Report from the Morning Commute
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Tales from the Transit Line

Report from the Morning Commute:

This morning a man walked through a crowd of commuters leaving the Stadium-Chinatown SkyTrain station asking: “You people want me to get out of this fu*king city, don’t you?”

Commuters, who are like zombies that have brains, however, did not respond to his loud inquiry.

“No one even blinked,” said our on-scene reporter Kelle Shaunna, noting commuters are used to walking against resistance. “I can tell you, however, that although it appeared we did not notice him, we did, and we were all thinking: ‘Yes, get the fu*k out.'”

The man’s whereabouts are now unknown, but he is believed to be still wandering around downtown asking others the same question.

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