Dec. 6, 2012 – Report from the Evening Commute

Posted: May 21, 2013 in Report from the Evening Commute
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Tales from the Transit Line

Report from the Evening Commute:

Gone are the days of boom-boxes, here are the days of rocking as hard as your smart phone will allow.

“Everyone on the SkyTrain is so lucky,” noted an urban adolescent commuter this evening, after his cell died.

Seconds before making this proclamation, he was dancing and singing along to Matisyahu’s Sunshine, which he blasted from the device.

Lamenting the loss, he sang a few versus a capella, spit – intentionally – on his own shoe, and then remarked to his friend that he had read on Wikipedia that Matisyahu was Jewish.

“Ya, ‘Matisyahu’ is Hebrew,” said his friend.

“Matisyahu’s Hebrew?” the first young man responded.

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